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iFastNet Hosting Promo Code

How To Save Money On Ifastnet Hosting In 2020?

iFastNet is a fast-growing web hosting in the industry. Due to mind-blowing offers, it has created a large user base and happy clients. So today we are going to review Ifastnet hosting and will see how we can save some money on the hosting plan with iFastNet promo code?

If you are working hard on the content of the website but still not getting the deserved exposure to the website. then you have to look for the mistakes in the website and its performance.

In the beginning stage of blogging, people don’t realize certain things at the start but they come to know after failures. So it is better to learn from others’ mistakes instead of repeating them. it will save time and time and you can get success very fast.

What Is The Most Important Factor In a Successful Website?

Beginners often search for how to quickly get million of traffic in 1 day or week. But the truth is they are all lies. For making a website successful there need certain factors to be correct and have to put lots of effort.

Even if you have all the success information, it will take its own time to show the result. so we have to start from scratch and make a profitable website.

iFastNet Hosting Promo Code

For a successful website, there should be many factors like SEO ranking, speed, performance, backlinks, etc. but the most important factor that plays a huge role in the best website is a powerful and speedy web hosting.

You can find web hosting of any range in the market. but if you are an individual without a source of income then you have to consider the price also. So here the beginners do a silly mistake of using free or cheap hosting.

However, it is not best in the long run. You can never reach your goals and generate profit from free and cheap hosting. a powerful hosting is needed to support your website in the long run. Web hosting plays a huge role in the overall success and survival. So we should spend some time doing research and find the best affordable web hosting.

One of the best web hostings we have come across is the Ifastnet hosting. it is one of the best and pretty affordable web hosting for beginners and powerful for professionals. It has a variety of hosting plans from beginners to advance.

It has been awarded Telecoms Awards in 2017 for the best premium hosting. the hosting is completely reliable as it has been serving bloggers for many past years. So you can trust on their services for the website performance.

Talking about the performance and speed, they have implemented SSD drives which are faster and powerful than HHD. So you can expect the speed of the processing and task that happens on the server.

The website will function faster and will offer an amazing speed to the user. The setup process is very easy and fast. so you don’t have to worry about any issues. They will take care of all the things for you.

You can reach to their technical experts who are there 24/7/365 to help you. Their technical support is very knowledgeable and offers the best solution to your problems. you can discuss your project with them and get the perfect solution.

Now, let’s discover some good features of Ifastnet which can help build a successful website.

1. Free Domain Name For Life

iFastNet hosting offers the opportunity to get a free domain name for a lifetime. It allows you to save money on the domain recurring fee. You will save a lot of money with this cut and you can choose any premium domain name.

The are many extension domain names to choose from the list. In the most basic plan you will get 6 free domain names and as the plan upgrades, so are the resources. you will get more free domain names, bandwidth and storage space in the server.

It is a great offer for beginners as they don’t have to pay for the domain name and they can use that money on other tools.

2. Free Site Builder

If you are a creative person and want to give your website a personal touch then this is the web hosting. it offers a free site builder which have a drag and drop feature. With the drag and drop feature, anyone with basic knowledge can build a beautiful and professional website.

There is no advance coding needed for building the website. you only have to play with the drag and drop feature and find out what you can create.

But, if you don’t want to create the website from scratch then you can use the free website templates. These templates are fully responsive and work with all the applications.

3. SSL certificate for HTTPS

HTTPS domain is favored by the Google search engine and if you want to rank the website on the first page then an SSL certificate is required. It allows the browser to verify the safety of the data on the server.

It is a good way to show the users that their data is safe and they can surf the website without worries.

4. E-Commerce Shopping Cart

iFastNet gives you the feature to add the eCommerce shopping cart on your website. this allows you to upload products and sell them on the website. you can take real orders from the eCommerce system.

It is best for those who want to sell their products and services. the setup is very easy and completes in minutes.


We have used Ifastnet for few months to check the hosting service and found it is best at that price. they provide what they advertise. If you are not satisfied with the received service then you can get your money back when you cancel the plan within 7 days. There will be no long process for refunds. If you are a beginner or advance blogger then these web hosting worth a shot.

For beginners who want to save more money on the hosting, then you can use the iFastNet promo code to get some extra discount offers. This will allow you to get any hosting plan with discounted price.…

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How to Choose the Right Hosting

How To Choose The Right Hosting For Starting Your First Blog?

Are you going to start a blog on WordPress? You need perfect web hosting for your blog in that case. WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging career, but It takes best hosting because WP consists of heavy themes and plugins which can’t be afforded by local hosting plans. If you’re targeting any niche In the future If you get huge eyeballs, then only one hosting can assist you, and that is WPX Hosting.

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I’ve used many web hosting services for blogging but the functionalities WPX Hosting is offering I’ve never found anywhere else. There are some features you have to see before choosing the right hosting for starting your first blog.

How to Choose the Right Hosting

What Makes a Good Hosting Service?

Here are some features which only exists in best web hosting:

Automatic WordPress Updates:

As you know that WP is the CMS (Content Management System) which is now the most trending and best platform for blogging, so It’s developer are working on it to make it more useable and better. If you have installed it on your domain, then you need to upgrade to the latest version of themes and plugins because WordPress officially releases its version for all users. If you want reliable functionalities, you need to upgrade your WP version. This feature helps you to upgrade your WordPress to the next level automatically. You don’t need to upgrade manually.

Plugin Notifications:

You’ll be notified for WordPress plugins no matter whether If it’s registration notification or any bug notification. Your plugins will be upgraded to the next level. Your plugins will be capable of matching with the latest WordPress version.

Servers optimized for WordPress:

No matter whether if you are getting huge traffic at one time or per day your server will never down at any cost. Your website will be highly optimized at the server end. Your web pages will be load faster. It is one of the most demanding features. It assists you in making your web pages optimized. As you know, it is a fact a visitor don’t follow the website which is slow to load, so that is the reason It is very necessary.


Security is the feature which is nowadays basic need because of hackers. If you’re going to manage your website, then you need a web hosting which provides your security measures. If you’ve security features, then your data will be secure. Nobody will be able to access your storage. Actually, some hackers try to inject harmful files in your web server, and some hackers try for multiple login attempts which harm your web hosting server.

SSL Certificates:

SSL certificates make your web connection secure which assures your visitors to trust. It is also a basic need. If you’re providing services or products to your visitors, then It is very necessary to build up trust then you need to configure your SSL certificates for a good reputation.


Backups feature allows you to save your data into a DB file or to local storage. It allows you to restore data if it is lost accidentally. It is also a basic need because If you target long term business, then you need to save data for future use.

Customer service:

A service can only be reviewed or rated on the basis of its telemarketing or support feature. If you subscribe to any web hosting plan and If you’re getting any kind of issue in management then you need customer service support. You can get into touch with them easily, and they will figure out the solution for you without any additional charges.


Have you ever seen the official email addresses? If your web hosting is perfect, then It will offer you to create email addresses, and you can assign these to your all roles. If you have already an official email address, then you can create a forwarder to get all emails.


The interface should be easy and responsive; a web hosting service should be easy to use so that a user can easily host its website and manage it without technical knowledge. Usability should be higher of any service.

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WPX Hosting is recommended because It has all the features which I’ve mentioned above. It assists you and provides your all features in almost all pricing plans. It is fastened your website so that It takes less time to load. The features you’ll get in WPX Hosting;

  • High-speed, custom CDN
  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • Unlimited SSLs
  • 24/7 Fast-response Support
  • Staging Area
  • Email
  • Manual Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • PHP 7.X
  • HTTPS/2
  • 30 Day Money-Back
  • 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • USA + UK Hosting locations

Pricing Plans:

  • In the business plan, you’ll get five website addons with 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. Through which you can host up to 5, and you can manage your data easily. 100 GB bandwidth is enough to bear thousands of eyeballs and visitors. It will cost you 20$ each month. If you pay for a year one time. If you’re willing to pay in split payments, then It will cost you 24$ per month.
  • In the professional package you’ll be able to host 15 websites, and you’ll be allotted 20GB storage for website data and 200 GB bandwidth for the visitors and eyeballs. If you purchase this package, you’ll be charged 41$ one time per month, and If you are willing to purchase it for monthly, then each split payment will be 49.
  • Elite is the best plan for you If you want a web hosting for maximum level, then you’ve to go for it because It gives you 35 add-ons and 45 GB storage which is enough for all type of data. Your server will never be down because bandwidth is unlimited. It will cost you 83$ per month for a one-time payment for the year, but If you want to pay in the split, then the price will be 99$.
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Tips To Speed Up your WordPress Blog

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog? (Top 10 Tips For WP Users)

For blogging career, your blog should be faster if you want huge traffic to your website. Your website’s following will be enhanced If it loads faster. There are many ways through which you can boost your WordPress blog speed.

Do you know? It is very necessary for search engine optimization too that your website speed should be faster because It effects on ranking too If google crawlers crawl on your website. It takes feedback from your web server too. If you want to fulfill all SEO factors, then you need high speed for your WordPress blog to get the higher ranking.

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Tips To Speed Up your WordPress Blog

Use a High-Quality WordPress Theme

You should use high-quality WordPress theme. You don’t need to install the cracked WordPress themes because It comprises of harmful files and code which destroys your website speed and reputation. It is illegal to use crack WP theme. If you like the WordPress theme, then support developers and buy it from their official website or purchase link.

Don’t install useless WordPress themes; You should install only one WP theme which you’re willing to use as default. WordPress theme should be landing page or should be responsive for all kind of screen and devices. You know many users nowadays use different gadgets to access the website so your website should be responsive.

Integrate a Caching Plugin

Caching plugin is also necessary to refresh the content so that your visitor will be able to see the real-time changes. If you change content again and again and If you’re not using any cache plugin then It will slow down your blog and It will not show the recent changes. If you want to boost your WP blog to the next level, then you should use this plugin.

Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content delivery network like Cloudflare allows your visitors to download data like CSS, and Images. It also boosts your website even if the website accessed on low internet connection.

CDN doesn’t allow VPN users to access your website. If your visitors are using the tor network or VPN, then they will not be able to access your website because of its built-in captcha. It is beneficial for your website because It doesn’t allow fake identity traffic to access your website. In result, you’ll get organic and safe traffic. It helps to drive visitors to your website smoothly.

Optimize and Resize Images

You should optimize and resize the images, do you know even one-inch size pic takes much space so try to use the optimizer or image compressor which can resize the image. The compressor helps to compress the size of the file, but the quality isn’t destroyed.

Optimize Homepage for Speed

As you know If someone accesses your website. It will access it from the homepage URL then It should be highly optimized. Images, CSS and javascript, should be lesser in quantity because It takes a lot of time to load or open. Your page should be faster for better ranking results.

The homepage shouldn’t have consisted of multiple sections, video or more images because It makes your website heavy which in result doesn’t allow to boost your website. WordPress blog should be simple and easy to load because It is the basic step to boost your WordPress blog.

Use Fast Web Hosting

You should use the best web hosting for your WordPress blog; I’ll recommend you to use wpx hosting (we have coupons for WPX Hosting as well) which also provides the WordPress managed plan for all bloggers. It is faster and very lighter, you can host multiple websites, and your website will never be down because of its unlimited bandwidth. As you know WordPress managed web hosting is specifically for all WordPress users so, there is a benefit too that you can get additional WordPress tools and utilities.

You’ll get one-click WordPress installer through which you can assign the database for your WordPress blog easily. It can remove or install WordPress within a single click. You can manage multiple WordPress blogs on multiple domains and subdomains.

Optimize WordPress Database

MySql is used for database management probably If you are using Apache web hosting then you’ll find it in your all web hosting services It optimizes your website database and It loads your data faster and It doesn’t make slow because your data will be gathered easily at one place and your visitor will be able to see data without any hurdle .

Monitor your WordPress Site Speed

It monitors your WordPress site speed, and It tries to optimize it for all connections. After optimization of site speed, anyone can access your website easily. Your website will be load fastly and smoothly. Your data will not be corrupted while access.

Keeping WordPress Simple

Additionally, If you want high speed then you need to make your WordPress site very easy and simple, you don’t need to use more graphics because It takes a lot of space and time. You need to make your blog simple so that a visitor can access your blog easily.

Don’t use creepy plugins because It slows down your website. As you know any developer can develop WordPress plugin and upload them on the WordPress directory so, don’t use locally made WordPress plugins which the code of these plugins aren’t capable for all websites. As you know WordPress is getting better day by day because of its new releases.…

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WPX Hosting Blog Speed

How To Optimize Blog’s Speed With WPX Hosting? [Affordable Hosting]

The important thing for any blog is the content and people to read those content. Every day a new blog is created on the internet but not every blog becomes successful because they lack the important knowledge and techniques to optimize their blog’s performance so that people can find the blog and read that blog content. so if you are a beginner and wants to know how to optimize the blogs speed to get more traffic then keep on reading.

How Speed Matters?

There are millions of websites and blogs on the internet and most of them are slow like a turtle because they don’t use best web hosting services instead they use free and cheap web hosting. This makes their blog so slow and even if the content is good, no one will come to your blog to read because of the speed. People don’t like to wait for even 1 second so if your blog is loading in 5 seconds then I am sorry to say your blog is not optimized.

So it becomes necessary to reduce the load time and increase the speed of the blog so that people can enjoy the blazing fast experience. The SEO experts always recommend buying the best and fast web hosting provider so that your blogs load time and uptime will be at its best and will result in best performance.

Load Time

Talking about optimizing a blog speed then the word load time will appear. Now if anyone doesn’t know what is load time? Then, load time is the time taken by your blog to load when the user clicks on the blogs link. So if you are using cheap web hosting then your blogs load time will be around 5-6 seconds which is very much slower in comparison with the others.

So to increase the load time you need an advance and super fast web hosting provider who offers the best servers which will reduce the blogs load time below 1 second. The fastest load time is of 341ms. But for beginners, 1 second will be ok to start with.


The other important factor to keep in mind when buying the best web hosting is the Uptime. It is the percentage of how much percent your blog will be alive and if the percent is up to 90% then it has 10% chance of going down which is bad for a blog reputation and performance. As people will get difficulty in finding your blog when at the time of severing down. So to keep the blog 24 online then choose the web hosting which guarantees 99.99% uptime. Most of the best web hosting providers offer 99.99% uptime.

Best Web Hosting to Optimize Blog’s Speed

WPX Hosting Reviews

WPX hosting is one of the finest and award-winning web hosting provider of 2019. WPX hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime and it reduces the blog load time below 1 second. The company is awarded as the #1 web hosting provider. It is the premium web hosting service but anyone can afford to use the services. Other than optimizing the speed of the blog, WPX hosting provides premium features which will help you in optimizing your blog for security, performance, speed, and user-friendly experience.

WPX Hosting Coupon

The WPX hosting package price may be a little expensive for beginners. That doesn’t mean you cannot use the WPX hosting services. You can get a good discount on the purchase with the WPX Hosting Coupon which is published on Bloggingscout.com.

WPX Hosting Features

WHY WPX Hosting

1. Lightening Speed Servers

WPX hosting company provides the world-class lightening speed servers which are 3x faster than ordinary servers. this 3x server will increase the blog performance by 3x faster. With the fast servers, your load time will be reduced and will have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

2. Free Unlimited SSL Certificate

In another web hosting service, you will not get a free SSL certificate. You would have to buy it from any certificate registrar, but not here. WPX hosting is giving you free SSL certificate on every package. This features will save some money in your pocket.

3. Automatic Backup

In WPX hosting your blogs, data will be automatically will be saved to the other servers so that your data can be safe even if the blog is gone under attack. After the attack, you can easily retrieve the blog from the backups. So this increases your blog security and you can also manually backup the files to your pc.

4. Unlimited Site Migration

If you have an existing blog or website but want to shift to WPX hosting servers then you don’t have to pay any fee for site migration service. WPX hosting company offers unlimited site migration which is free of cost. You just have to let the team know about it and then they will take care of the process. your site will be migrated within the 24 hours. So you don’t have to worry about anything just do what you are best in.

5. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee Offer

WPX hosting focuses on providing the best services to its user and if anyone who is not satisfied with service then they can get all their money back within the period of 30 days. you can test the service if you want to be sure to invest in the right thing and know if the requirement matches the web hosting services.

6. Quick Response Team

The response team of WPX hosting is the best thing in the package. You can contact them anytime anywhere they are always ready to help you out. You can connect with the team by the call, email, live chat. The live chat feature is amazing you will get a reply in second. The live chat is available on the official website.

So here was the article on how to optimize the blogs speed with the help of WPX Hosting.…

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Best Blogging Platform For Blogging

What Is The Best Blogging Platform To Use For Blogging?

Blogging is now the trend in the market everyone is starting their own blog for business, selling service, sharing thoughts and ideas. So if you too have decided to start your own blog but don’t have complete knowledge of what is the best blogging platform to use for blogging then today is your day. Here we will be talking about which is the best platform to start a blog on because there are many blogging platforms available in the market and it is a bit confusing for anyone to decide where to start from.

The blog has the power to reach, interact, share ideas, communicate with peoples all over the world. Today over 1 billion blogs are present on the internet. Some of them are famous and some are not.

Best Blogging Platform For Blogging

What Makes a Blog Successful?

A blog becomes successful only when it is completely optimized for handling any amount of traffic and maintain its fast performance so that people can easily access your blog and also provide valuable information to people who are reading the blogs post.

A blog should be loaded in a matter of seconds and have dynamic performance which can provide the amazing user experience.

On the other hand, if you are not a tech geek then you will have a hard time in setting up a blog so you need a platform which will be easy to manage and should provide freedom to customize anything.


When you will talk about blogging then you will always hear one word which is WordPress. You will hear from everyone to start your blog in WordPress because it is the best blogging platform which gives you the graphical interface to easily manage your blog without having any tech knowledge.

WordPress has an amazing environment from where you can easily post articles, create pages, customize the blog theme. The best part of working on WordPress is that it has a huge number of the plugin which can be used to add extra functionality to the blog. the plugin reduces your work as all you need is available in the plugin.

WordPress is considered as the #1 blogging platform in the market because of its simple functions and advanced features which gives you the power of effectively manage the blog. WordPress is available for free and paid also. In the free version, you will have limited access to the settings and features while in the pro version you will get access to all the advanced features.

You can use WordPress’s own hosting also which is not expensive but it is also not the best web hosting service. You need the best web hosting to make your blog faster and give high performance.

Why Best Hosting Is Necessary For Blog?

There is no problem in using normal web hosting if you don’t want to interact with large traffic because if you are planning to connect with large traffic for that you need a fastest and best web servers which can be sufficient to handle any amount of traffic on your blog.

The other reason is blogs speed. The load time plays an important factor on the success of the blog because if your blog loads in 1 second then people will love to surf on your blog rather than going on a blog which takes 3 seconds to load because the blog makes them wait and no one loves to wait. This creates a huge difference in the success of any blog. That is why it is important to use a high-speed web hosting.

Which is the best web hosting?

WPX hosting is the 1# web hosting service in the market. It has won awards for its performance and also stated by many review blogs as the best web hosting of 2019. It has the fastest drives which increase the performance of the blog by 3x. It gives the blog a blazing speed which impresses the traffic.

What are the features of WPX hosting?

1-click WordPress install

As mentioned earlier how WordPress is the best blogging platform. you have the option to use the WordPress system, by just 1 click the WordPress software will be installed and then you can manage the blog from WordPress with the access to full features. here you will not need any programming skill just clicks the button to start the fun.

Unlimited SSL

When you have created a new blog it will show not secure to surf on your blog on the left address bar because you not have installed the SSL certificate which gives a website or blog the secure tag and let the user know that it is safe to surf on your blog. the certificate is costly but in WPX hosting you will get an unlimited certificate and can easily save some money.

Unlimited migration

WPX hosting gives you the free unlimited service of site migration from one server to another. in other web hosting service you will have to pay for migration but in WPX you just have to tell the migration team and then they will move your site in 24 hours.

Extreme customer support

In WPX hosting you will get the extreme customer support service which will be available for 24×7 for you.whenever, you will face any problem you will have the best customer support to sort it out.


In here you have the feature of performing a daily backup of your blog so you can be safe from any kind of data loss and can retrieve from the backup.

So here was the best blogging platform which you can use on the WPX hosting for faster performance.…

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WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Review: The Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting in 2019

As you already know that bloggers are being targeted because of their vast income and traffic. It is necessary to get the best web hosting for the blog. The reason is that blogging isn’t the process of 1 or 2 days. It’s a long term digital marketing strategy which takes time to show results we need to give quality on content as well as on web hosting. There are many web hosting services available in the market but I’ll recommend only WPX web hosting & it is best as per my expertise.

Why WPX Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress?

WPX Hosting Review

Here are some amazing features of WPX web hosting service which is beneficial for every blog or site;

High-speed: WPX hosting is very speed, and It helps to load site rapidly. Its speed is compared with almost every web hosting service, but WPX remains ahead.

Unlimited Site Migrations: If you have desired to migrate your website or blog from one web hosting account to other then you can officially migrate your website with ease. You aren’t limited or restricted to migrate your website, and you’ll migrate unlimited sites.

Unlimited SSL: As you know SSL certificates make site’s connection secure. Now the website isn’t static, and there is the risk of privacy and security issues so that is the reason it is essential to access to the SSL so that people or crawler can easily trust on your website. If you have added payment integrations, then you need to add SSL so that people can trust you.

24/7 Fast-response Support: As you know bloggers aren’t technical and they aren’t able to manage server properly so if you are one of them then you need full-time support, so WPX Hosting assists its users with its amazing support. If you have any question or problem, you can ask a question, and it will be sorted out.

Email: You’ll be accessed to email features, you can create unlimited email addresses, and you can make forwarder to your email address so that you can access future emails on your Gmail accounts. You aren’t limited or restricted to get emails.

Manual Backups: You can make manual backups of your data for future use. In case if you lose your data, then you can recover your data from the manual backups, and you can save your backup file on your local storage.

DDoS Protection & Malware Scanning & Removal: It helps to scan your website on the, and it doesn’t allow any corrupt file to be injected in your storage. It removes the bad file from your storage. No matter whether if you are administrator or user If you add any cracked or pirated file and if it comprises of any harmful code then the file isn’t able to be installed. If someone tries to login attempts on your website, the IP will be blacklisted automatically so that he couldn’t attack your website again.

30 Day Money-Back: In case if your hosting doesn’t work correctly or it doesn’t fulfill your needs then you can get your money back within 30 days. Due to their concern regarding quality assurance they offer the money back guarantee.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee: No matter whether if you are getting millions of eyeballs or low your website will not be down and your server gives you 99.95% uptime (It is beneficial for event blogging).

1-Click WordPress Installations: It provides the one-click WordPress installer script through which you can install WordPress on your multiple domains and subdomains. You can save the backup of specific WP script, and you can restore them quickly with the help of this installer

Pricing Plans of WPX Web Hosting:

Here are some pricing plans of WPX Web Hosting;

Business plan: The price will be $20.83 per month but When the entire amount paid yearly the price will be $24.99 Monthly. You will get five websites ad-dons limit. You can add five domains on your business plan WPX Hosting. You will get 10GB Storage for your all websites. The 100GB Bandwidth is enough for you to manage traffic. WPX Cloud CDN is included in this plan.

Professional plan: The WPX cloud CDN is included in this plan, and the plan comprises of many features like; you will be able to add 15 websites on this hosting. 20 GB storage will be allotted to you for all websites and 200 GB bandwidth is enough for all websites, and your web hosting will be able to bear huge traffic at one time. The plan will cost you $41.58 per month but When the price paid yearly the price will be $49.99 Monthly

Elite plan: This plan is one of the best plans of WPX hosting, and it comprises of many unusual features, It is one of the most demanded plans of WPX Hosting service. If you buy this plan, the price will be very reasonable according to the features. It will cost you $83.25 month if you pay amount once, but If you want to pay in the split, then the cost will be higher when It paid yearly. It will be $99.00 monthly. It comprises of some features including 35 websites or add-ons, 40GB storage or disk space and unlimited bandwidth moreover WPX cloud CDN.

Note: The price is officially mentioned by WPX  Hosting Service, but if you want more discount on WPX Hosting then  you can use the bloggingscout coupon code.

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