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How To Optimize Blog’s Speed With WPX Hosting? [Affordable Hosting]

The important thing for any blog is the content and people to read those content. Every day a new blog is created on the internet but not every blog becomes successful because they lack the important knowledge and techniques to optimize their blog’s performance so that people can find the blog and read that blog content. so if you are a beginner and wants to know how to optimize the blogs speed to get more traffic then keep on reading.

How Speed Matters?

There are millions of websites and blogs on the internet and most of them are slow like a turtle because they don’t use best web hosting services instead they use free and cheap web hosting. This makes their blog so slow and even if the content is good, no one will come to your blog to read because of the speed. People don’t like to wait for even 1 second so if your blog is loading in 5 seconds then I am sorry to say your blog is not optimized.

So it becomes necessary to reduce the load time and increase the speed of the blog so that people can enjoy the blazing fast experience. The SEO experts always recommend buying the best and fast web hosting provider so that your blogs load time and uptime will be at its best and will result in best performance.

Load Time

Talking about optimizing a blog speed then the word load time will appear. Now if anyone doesn’t know what is load time? Then, load time is the time taken by your blog to load when the user clicks on the blogs link. So if you are using cheap web hosting then your blogs load time will be around 5-6 seconds which is very much slower in comparison with the others.

So to increase the load time you need an advance and super fast web hosting provider who offers the best servers which will reduce the blogs load time below 1 second. The fastest load time is of 341ms. But for beginners, 1 second will be ok to start with.


The other important factor to keep in mind when buying the best web hosting is the Uptime. It is the percentage of how much percent your blog will be alive and if the percent is up to 90% then it has 10% chance of going down which is bad for a blog reputation and performance. As people will get difficulty in finding your blog when at the time of severing down. So to keep the blog 24 online then choose the web hosting which guarantees 99.99% uptime. Most of the best web hosting providers offer 99.99% uptime.

Best Web Hosting to Optimize Blog’s Speed

WPX Hosting Reviews

WPX hosting is one of the finest and award-winning web hosting provider of 2019. WPX hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime and it reduces the blog load time below 1 second. The company is awarded as the #1 web hosting provider. It is the premium web hosting service but anyone can afford to use the services. Other than optimizing the speed of the blog, WPX hosting provides premium features which will help you in optimizing your blog for security, performance, speed, and user-friendly experience.

WPX Hosting Coupon

The WPX hosting package price may be a little expensive for beginners. That doesn’t mean you cannot use the WPX hosting services. You can get a good discount on the purchase with the WPX Hosting Coupon which is published on Bloggingscout.com.

WPX Hosting Features

WHY WPX Hosting

1. Lightening Speed Servers

WPX hosting company provides the world-class lightening speed servers which are 3x faster than ordinary servers. this 3x server will increase the blog performance by 3x faster. With the fast servers, your load time will be reduced and will have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

2. Free Unlimited SSL Certificate

In another web hosting service, you will not get a free SSL certificate. You would have to buy it from any certificate registrar, but not here. WPX hosting is giving you free SSL certificate on every package. This features will save some money in your pocket.

3. Automatic Backup

In WPX hosting your blogs, data will be automatically will be saved to the other servers so that your data can be safe even if the blog is gone under attack. After the attack, you can easily retrieve the blog from the backups. So this increases your blog security and you can also manually backup the files to your pc.

4. Unlimited Site Migration

If you have an existing blog or website but want to shift to WPX hosting servers then you don’t have to pay any fee for site migration service. WPX hosting company offers unlimited site migration which is free of cost. You just have to let the team know about it and then they will take care of the process. your site will be migrated within the 24 hours. So you don’t have to worry about anything just do what you are best in.

5. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee Offer

WPX hosting focuses on providing the best services to its user and if anyone who is not satisfied with service then they can get all their money back within the period of 30 days. you can test the service if you want to be sure to invest in the right thing and know if the requirement matches the web hosting services.

6. Quick Response Team

The response team of WPX hosting is the best thing in the package. You can contact them anytime anywhere they are always ready to help you out. You can connect with the team by the call, email, live chat. The live chat feature is amazing you will get a reply in second. The live chat is available on the official website.

So here was the article on how to optimize the blogs speed with the help of WPX Hosting.