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How To Save Money On Ifastnet Hosting In 2020?

iFastNet is a fast-growing web hosting in the industry. Due to mind-blowing offers, it has created a large user base and happy clients. So today we are going to review Ifastnet hosting and will see how we can save some money on the hosting plan with iFastNet promo code?

If you are working hard on the content of the website but still not getting the deserved exposure to the website. then you have to look for the mistakes in the website and its performance.

In the beginning stage of blogging, people don’t realize certain things at the start but they come to know after failures. So it is better to learn from others’ mistakes instead of repeating them. it will save time and time and you can get success very fast.

What Is The Most Important Factor In a Successful Website?

Beginners often search for how to quickly get million of traffic in 1 day or week. But the truth is they are all lies. For making a website successful there need certain factors to be correct and have to put lots of effort.

Even if you have all the success information, it will take its own time to show the result. so we have to start from scratch and make a profitable website.

iFastNet Hosting Promo Code

For a successful website, there should be many factors like SEO ranking, speed, performance, backlinks, etc. but the most important factor that plays a huge role in the best website is a powerful and speedy web hosting.

You can find web hosting of any range in the market. but if you are an individual without a source of income then you have to consider the price also. So here the beginners do a silly mistake of using free or cheap hosting.

However, it is not best in the long run. You can never reach your goals and generate profit from free and cheap hosting. a powerful hosting is needed to support your website in the long run. Web hosting plays a huge role in the overall success and survival. So we should spend some time doing research and find the best affordable web hosting.

One of the best web hostings we have come across is the Ifastnet hosting. it is one of the best and pretty affordable web hosting for beginners and powerful for professionals. It has a variety of hosting plans from beginners to advance.

It has been awarded Telecoms Awards in 2017 for the best premium hosting. the hosting is completely reliable as it has been serving bloggers for many past years. So you can trust on their services for the website performance.

Talking about the performance and speed, they have implemented SSD drives which are faster and powerful than HHD. So you can expect the speed of the processing and task that happens on the server.

The website will function faster and will offer an amazing speed to the user. The setup process is very easy and fast. so you don’t have to worry about any issues. They will take care of all the things for you.

You can reach to their technical experts who are there 24/7/365 to help you. Their technical support is very knowledgeable and offers the best solution to your problems. you can discuss your project with them and get the perfect solution.

Now, let’s discover some good features of Ifastnet which can help build a successful website.

1. Free Domain Name For Life

iFastNet hosting offers the opportunity to get a free domain name for a lifetime. It allows you to save money on the domain recurring fee. You will save a lot of money with this cut and you can choose any premium domain name.

The are many extension domain names to choose from the list. In the most basic plan you will get 6 free domain names and as the plan upgrades, so are the resources. you will get more free domain names, bandwidth and storage space in the server.

It is a great offer for beginners as they don’t have to pay for the domain name and they can use that money on other tools.

2. Free Site Builder

If you are a creative person and want to give your website a personal touch then this is the web hosting. it offers a free site builder which have a drag and drop feature. With the drag and drop feature, anyone with basic knowledge can build a beautiful and professional website.

There is no advance coding needed for building the website. you only have to play with the drag and drop feature and find out what you can create.

But, if you don’t want to create the website from scratch then you can use the free website templates. These templates are fully responsive and work with all the applications.

3. SSL certificate for HTTPS

HTTPS domain is favored by the Google search engine and if you want to rank the website on the first page then an SSL certificate is required. It allows the browser to verify the safety of the data on the server.

It is a good way to show the users that their data is safe and they can surf the website without worries.

4. E-Commerce Shopping Cart

iFastNet gives you the feature to add the eCommerce shopping cart on your website. this allows you to upload products and sell them on the website. you can take real orders from the eCommerce system.

It is best for those who want to sell their products and services. the setup is very easy and completes in minutes.


We have used Ifastnet for few months to check the hosting service and found it is best at that price. they provide what they advertise. If you are not satisfied with the received service then you can get your money back when you cancel the plan within 7 days. There will be no long process for refunds. If you are a beginner or advance blogger then these web hosting worth a shot.

For beginners who want to save more money on the hosting, then you can use the iFastNet promo code to get some extra discount offers. This will allow you to get any hosting plan with discounted price.