Best Blogging Platform To Use

What Is The Best Blogging Platform To Use For Blogging?

Blogging is now the trend in the market everyone is starting their own blog for business, selling service, sharing thoughts and ideas. So if you too have decided to start your own blog but don’t have complete knowledge of what is the best blogging platform to use for blogging then today is your day. Here we will be talking about which is the best platform to start a blog on because there are many blogging platforms available in the market and it is a bit confusing for anyone to decide where to start from.

The blog has the power to reach, interact, share ideas, communicate with peoples all over the world. Today over 1 billion blogs are present on the internet. Some of them are famous and some are not.

What Makes a Blog Successful?

A blog becomes successful only when it is completely optimized for handling any amount of traffic and maintain its fast performance so that people can easily access your blog and also provide valuable information to people who are reading the blogs post.

A blog should be loaded in a matter of seconds and have dynamic performance which can provide the amazing user experience.

On the other hand, if you are not a tech geek then you will have a hard time in setting up a blog so you need a platform which will be easy to manage and should provide freedom to customize anything.


When you will talk about blogging then you will always hear one word which is WordPress. You will hear from everyone to start your blog in WordPress because it is the best blogging platform which gives you the graphical interface to easily manage your blog without having any tech knowledge.

WordPress has an amazing environment from where you can easily post articles, create pages, customize the blog theme. The best part of working on WordPress is that it has a huge number of the plugin which can be used to add extra functionality to the blog. the plugin reduces your work as all you need is available in the plugin.

WordPress is considered as the #1 blogging platform in the market because of its simple functions and advanced features which gives you the power of effectively manage the blog. WordPress is available for free and paid also. In the free version, you will have limited access to the settings and features while in the pro version you will get access to all the advanced features.

You can use WordPress’s own hosting also which is not expensive but it is also not the best web hosting service. You need the best web hosting to make your blog faster and give high performance.

Why Best Hosting Is Necessary For Blog?

There is no problem in using normal web hosting if you don’t want to interact with large traffic because if you are planning to connect with large traffic for that you need a fastest and best web servers which can be sufficient to handle any amount of traffic on your blog.

The other reason is blogs speed. The load time plays an important factor on the success of the blog because if your blog loads in 1 second then people will love to surf on your blog rather than going on a blog which takes 3 seconds to load because the blog makes them wait and no one loves to wait. This creates a huge difference in the success of any blog. That is why it is important to use a high-speed web hosting.

Which is the best web hosting?

WPX hosting is the 1# web hosting service in the market. It has won awards for its performance and also stated by many review blogs as the best web hosting of 2019. It has the fastest drives which increase the performance of the blog by 3x. It gives the blog a blazing speed which impresses the traffic.

What are the features of WPX hosting?

1-click WordPress install

As mentioned earlier how WordPress is the best blogging platform. you have the option to use the WordPress system, by just 1 click the WordPress software will be installed and then you can manage the blog from WordPress with the access to full features. here you will not need any programming skill just clicks the button to start the fun.

Unlimited SSL

When you have created a new blog it will show not secure to surf on your blog on the left address bar because you not have installed the SSL certificate which gives a website or blog the secure tag and let the user know that it is safe to surf on your blog. the certificate is costly but in WPX hosting you will get an unlimited certificate and can easily save some money.

Unlimited migration

WPX hosting gives you the free unlimited service of site migration from one server to another. in other web hosting service you will have to pay for migration but in WPX you just have to tell the migration team and then they will move your site in 24 hours.

Extreme customer support

In WPX hosting you will get the extreme customer support service which will be available for 24×7 for you. Whenever, you will face any problem you will have the best customer support to sort it out.


In here you have the feature of performing a daily backup of your blog so you can be safe from any kind of data loss and can retrieve from the backup.

So here was the best blogging platform which you can use on the WPX hosting for faster performance.

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