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The Best 10 fastest WordPress themes in 2022

Speed is one of the essential elements of any website. When the website loads fast, the visitors tend to enjoy more entertaining experiences.

Google indicates the importance of page speed on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. However, if you desire a fast WordPress, you will need a fast WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are odd extensions that give your website a different view. Some simple themes show up as one standard appearance.

The other WordPress themes include some necessary settings that allow you to change the colors and fonts. Then, the additional themes are like a maze of options, which lets you change almost all the tiny details (colors, fonts, cartoons, and switching the layouts to make it look like a different website).

Clearly: The more options show up, the more complicated it gets. Also, in a previous article we talked about the best premium wordpress themes on the market.

The top 10 fastest wordpress themes

  1. Astra

  2. GeneratePress

  3. Kadence

  4. Blocksy

  5. Genesis Framework

  6. OceanWP

  7. Neve

  8. Artisan Themes

  9. Marketer’s Delight

  10. Hello

Some of these themes are very abstract, which might not work well with everyone. Again, we did not arrange these best and fastest WordPress themes based on the loading time.

Instead, we focused on the speedy themes that offer more demanded advantages on the market nowadays.


1. Astra – super fast theme

fastest wordpress themes

Astra is a free customizable theme, very light, and works fast. It is reasonable for the people who are using the tools for creating pages. Also, it is the most common theme at the moment.


2. Genesis Framework

Super Fast wordpress Themes

Genesis Framework is the best super fast theme for WordPress (used by professional developers). The coding is fast and easy to use, with many great WordPress themes.

Also, there are multiple additions, services, and child themes designed and made for Genesis. Eventually, this customization will affect the view based on the running speed.

3. GeneratePress

super fast theme

A great supported performance theme. All the programmers and non-programmers prefer it. I love the (elements) advantage they have for switching the tools of creating pages (but without an extra code).

This theme comes with developed specialized options too. You will edit all the formatting elements, install the demo site, and more. It is compatible with Elementor, which allows you to edit the desktop and mobile versions of your website on the web.

4. Kadence

fastest wp theme

Nice and pretty. Also, Kadence has a KadenceBlocks reference. It is a theme specialized to a great extent and can be used in any niche.

One of the most assertive parts of Kadence is its multiple options on the developed WordPress, even on the free version of

5. Blocksy


Amazing. It is coded professionally. Beautiful demo designs. Pretty header/footer creator. Soon, they will be a great competitor in the market. The background option uses React.

That will guarantee a fast customization experience. Generally, it offers an excellent experience for you and your website visitors.

6. OceanWP

OceanWP wordpress theme

OceanWP is a free beautiful WordPress theme with a tool for creating pages. Also, I admire their characteristics in which you can disable all the texting programs/styles more accurately.

(I hope it will have more clarification.) It requires paid Add-ons to get the maximum functions.

I am not into their high pricing for each tiny add-on, and it is not weird that Astra is the most famous one.

7. Neve

Neve wordpress theme

Neve is a lightweight theme from ThemeIsle. It is designed specifically to coincide with the new WordPress editor version (Gutenberg).

There are lots of demos that you can use to start designing your website. The best part about it is that it is free. (Even though it provides premium plans too)

8. Artisan Themes

Artisan wordpress theme

I love the unique designs and the easy use of this unknown company. The (module) feature is unbelievable. It is used without the codes of the unnecessary page creators.

9. Marketer’s Delight


Marketers Delight is a WordPress theme loaded with tools to help you write more engaging content and turn your readers into subscribers.

It is a theme coded very well for (online marketers) and recommended for known products.

10. Hello


Hello is a type of reward because it is not fully featured, like the other options on this list. Instead, it is lightweight and can be used with Elementor (Or a creation tool for the other pages if you prefer to).

The first tool, Hello, is the fastest free WordPress theme. Nevertheless, you have to consider that it is not fully featured like the others.

You cannot use it alone. You have to align it with the page creator, which will add a burden to the website speed.

If you are using a pages creator tool or theme creator tool. Then, it must be one of your best options.

My Recommendation

The premium themes cost a lot of money. Even though it is not always better than the free WordPress themes, that is how it goes. It is not strange that the free themes are simple with fewer options, but the paid themes look cooler with much more customization options.

The free WordPress themes don’t usually come with support. They are designed to help the theme developers on marketing their paid themes. If there is any other thing, the features groups tend to give you discounts to encourage you for promotion.

The paid WordPress themes don’t just include more features but also more support. As the years go by, it is most probable that the themes will be updated to coincide with the most updated servers, WordPress, and the other additional componentry.

Even though not all the paid themes have high quality, it is considered a safe bet for your website in the future. You need to work very hard to update your themes because how do the theme developers earn money with just one look? .

The directions come and go as the users chase “an amazing new theme” in another place at the same moment, and the theme becomes very common and used everywhere.

The worst theme developers are the ones who stop supporting their old themes once they start creating new ones. The best WordPress theme developers use “Frameworks.” Instead of creating a new theme and rewriting the code.

They use the same essential code, then change the design. Previously, it was known as “The father theme” (Essential theme) and “Child theme” (The customization). Now, the definition has changed to “Framework” and “Child themes.” If you are using a premium theme, try having a framework or at least a paid theme that has lots of users, developers, and continuous support.

Be cautious of the limited feature themes. Those themes could be fast, but only because it is “unfinished.” There is no use in choosing an unfinished theme as it requires ten plug-ins to do the task, which might lead essentially to invalidating all the speed savings you have.

The bad (intermediate) WordPress Themes

  • AVADA – Full of unnecessary codes, slow, bad coding. The designs can be impressive for the beginner people, but they are actually very attractive and have a nice view for the professional designers.
  • Electro – Lots of unnecessary insane codes! Don’t use it. It requires lots of processing and multiple explanations, even if nothing is showing up on the page.
  • Envato Market Themes – Lots of unwanted themes with few good things in between.
  • Flatsome – Not bad looking, but still includes lots of unnecessary codes. Sorry!
  • Jupiter X Theme – Slow & exaggerated.
  • MyThemeShop – Lots of general themes with great production. Some are apparent abnormalities. Their most recent theme is “Schema,” which is like a default sub-theme in GeneratePress. Even some demo websites in their testimonials look very unconventional.
  • Publisher – Bad coding with lots of unused CSS codes and files. Don’t use this theme if you care about the speed.
  • Jannah – They are not bad.
  • ZigZagPress – Nice overview. The coding is not good, or at least that is what many programmers say.

My Personal Recommendation

I think those themes are great if you just want to learn WordPress and play with its options as much as you want. But realistically, it is a total waste of time and money … There are better options. If you plan to create a serious website and want to have thousands of users, soon, you will get rid of those themes and choose other ones.

Why? They are slow, exhausting, and have lots of compatibility issues with the other add-ons that you will need in the future as a website owner.

Oh, I have not finished yet. It is difficult for professional developers to work with it. I hang out with the developers regularly or daily, and they mention another client has the “AVADA / X / DIVI” theme. They all laugh because they know the inside joke about it. The real funny thing is that the clients discover this real quick.

The reason behind choosing this theme in the first place is that it looks “great.” Soon, they realize that the “great” theme is almost great. It is very general. Because right now, you look like millions of amateur websites with the same look.

I still haven’t finished yet. The themes are not easy to use. They claim to give you the perfect out-of-the-box look, but guess what? Try changing anything. You will see how hard it is. It is okay to make simple changes, but if it is not simple, you will need a programmer or help from the developers or the society.

The developers will respond late because they are buried under thousands of other beginners’ demands. Speaking of society, it won’t offer help either. Only a few professional developers will use these themes. So, even though they might be known and have multiple users, they are only beginner users who won’t help you much.

What is the WordPress theme you should choose?

Truth #1 – You need to get along with a common theme.

Why? it comes with real society support, not from the official theme developers. The more common it is, the more backing you will find (written explanations, tutorial videos, etc.) It is easier to get free advice from people who used it before, and it is also easy to find professional developers who can deal with it efficiently.

Also, there are lots of third-party add-ons. The continuous development of the theme to keep up with updates and give it directions and make it coincide with the future add-ons.

The WordPress theme keeps getting better as time goes by when the society thrives for it (and the developers get awarded for this continuous development) Using mysterious themes from unknown companies will lead to issues (regardless of the “support” the official company claims to give you).

No one will know about the way of solving the problems or making the customizations. The developers won’t know, and it will take twice the time to make simple changes.

Does that mean you have to try a new theme or a new company? If you are running an influential website. I will not take this opportunity.

Truth #2 – You need to get along with the Framework.

The frameworks allow the theme developers to reuse the functional code while keeping flexibility with the design code. Regardless of the aesthetics, themes must be coded to be compatible with; the plug-ins (Marketing – multi-lingual), search engines like Google, social media sharing, reach, custom WordPress integration, DNS prefetch, and many other fields exceeding my mind.

Re-coding this for each new theme will be an entire waste of time and might be ignored. total But if you are working with a company using a framework, you can bet that their frameworks will always be coded and supported because they all share the same essential code.

You may use one of their old themes, but you still have an updated essential code that has its maximum compatibility & safety.

Truth #3 – If you have doubts, choose something more neutral.

This part is the hardest. Lots of beginners see different billions of themes. Each one looks great with its style, and in the long term, they know what or should their brand would look match. If you have doubts, remember that everything is related to the content, not the theme.

What content do you have? What are the pictures? Where will your stuff go?

Don’t waste your time trying to choose a better design and then refilling your content, or do what is even worse – creating content that fits your design.

There is another worse probability; the design is distracting the users away from your content. For example, this brave red overview looks beautiful, but it pushes your content away as the color red is everywhere, not fitting your pictures, and you are tired of it. The more your content and slogan are attractive.

The more your design will be neutral (Let your content shine). The more your content is straightforward. Your formatting can be bolder.

FAQ about the fastest WordPress Themes

At this stage, we hope you have at least discovered some of the best and fastest wordpress themes that can get along with your website. However, before we finish, we would like to take some time to process some of the frequently asked questions.

What is the fastest WordPress theme?

Astra (Free & Special) , Genesis Framework (Just special), GeneratePress (Free & Special), Kadence (Free & Special) & Blocksy (Free & Special)  . All of them are loading fastest wordpress themes.

What makes the WordPress theme fast?

The fastest wp themes have less codes and are smaller. The files are less (pictures, CSS, JS) and have few demands that the browser can ask for it from the server. Also, the fastest wordpress themes have more cleaner and better CSS and JS.

How can I know the speed of my WordPress theme?

There are a few speeding test tools for the page, like GTmetrix & Google PageSpeed Insights. However, when it is all about checking the WordPress speed. We recommend using Pingdom tools.

How can I speed up my WordPress website?

There are lots of different steps you can take to speed up your website if your WordPress has a slow response. Some of the most common ways are compressing and improving the pictures, decreasing the JavaScript and CSS, and choosing a hosting provider to improve the performance.


A super fast theme on wordpress can help you create a fast website to cheer up your visitors and improve your opportunities. Start by having a clean coding base and using the elements you need. You will prepare yourself for success.

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