Tips To Speed Up your WordPress Blog

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog? (Top 10 Tips For WP Users)

For blogging career, your blog should be faster if you want huge traffic to your website. Your website’s following will be enhanced If it loads faster. There are many ways through which you can boost your WordPress blog speed.

Do you know? It is very necessary for search engine optimization too that your website speed should be faster because It effects on ranking too If google crawlers crawl on your website. It takes feedback from your web server too. If you want to fulfill all SEO factors, then you need high speed for your WordPress blog to get the higher ranking.

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Use a High-Quality WordPress Theme

You should use high-quality WordPress theme. You don’t need to install the cracked WordPress themes because It comprises of harmful files and code which destroys your website speed and reputation. It is illegal to use crack WP theme. If you like the WordPress theme, then support developers and buy it from their official website or purchase link.

Don’t install useless WordPress themes; You should install only one WP theme which you’re willing to use as default. WordPress theme should be landing page or should be responsive for all kind of screen and devices. You know many users nowadays use different gadgets to access the website so your website should be responsive.

Integrate a Caching Plugin

Caching plugin is also necessary to refresh the content so that your visitor will be able to see the real-time changes. If you change content again and again and If you’re not using any cache plugin then It will slow down your blog and It will not show the recent changes. If you want to boost your WP blog to the next level, then you should use this plugin.

Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content delivery network like Cloudflare allows your visitors to download data like CSS, and Images. It also boosts your website even if the website accessed on low internet connection.

CDN doesn’t allow VPN users to access your website. If your visitors are using the tor network or VPN, then they will not be able to access your website because of its built-in captcha. It is beneficial for your website because It doesn’t allow fake identity traffic to access your website. In result, you’ll get organic and safe traffic. It helps to drive visitors to your website smoothly.

Optimize and Resize Images

You should optimize and resize the images, do you know even one-inch size pic takes much space so try to use the optimizer or image compressor which can resize the image. The compressor helps to compress the size of the file, but the quality isn’t destroyed.

Optimize Homepage for Speed

As you know If someone accesses your website. It will access it from the homepage URL then It should be highly optimized. Images, CSS and javascript, should be lesser in quantity because It takes a lot of time to load or open. Your page should be faster for better ranking results.

The homepage shouldn’t have consisted of multiple sections, video or more images because It makes your website heavy which in result doesn’t allow to boost your website. WordPress blog should be simple and easy to load because It is the basic step to boost your WordPress blog.

Use Fast Web Hosting

You should use the best web hosting for your WordPress blog; I’ll recommend you to use wpx hosting which also provides the WordPress managed plan for all bloggers. It is faster and very lighter, you can host multiple websites, and your website will never be down because of its unlimited bandwidth. As you know WordPress managed web hosting is specifically for all WordPress users so, there is a benefit too that you can get additional WordPress tools and utilities.

You’ll get one-click WordPress installer through which you can assign the database for your WordPress blog easily. It can remove or install WordPress within a single click. You can manage multiple WordPress blogs on multiple domains and subdomains.

Optimize WordPress Database

MySql is used for database management probably If you are using Apache web hosting then you’ll find it in your all web hosting services It optimizes your website database and It loads your data faster and It doesn’t make slow because your data will be gathered easily at one place and your visitor will be able to see data without any hurdle .

Monitor your WordPress Site Speed

It monitors your WordPress site speed, and It tries to optimize it for all connections. After optimization of site speed, anyone can access your website easily. Your website will be load fastly and smoothly. Your data will not be corrupted while access.

Keeping WordPress Simple

Additionally, If you want high speed then you need to make your WordPress site very easy and simple, you don’t need to use more graphics because It takes a lot of space and time. You need to make your blog simple so that a visitor can access your blog easily.

Don’t use creepy plugins because It slows down your website. As you know any developer can develop WordPress plugin and upload them on the WordPress directory so, don’t use locally made WordPress plugins which the code of these plugins aren’t capable for all websites. As you know WordPress is getting better day by day because of its new releases.

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