How to Start a WordPress Blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog + Earn a Discount on Cloudways?

Today popularity of blogs is increasing and every business owner wants to have its own blog which represents its company. Beyond serving as a company details blogs can also be used to earn money.

In best ways of earning money online, blogging comes first because it is very scalable and have the potential to reach out to millions of people all over the world. Blogs can be used to share thoughts, ideas, offer services, selling and anything you can think of.

However, it is wrongly interpreted that starting a blog is very difficult but let me clear this it was difficult in the old days but today it can be done in a few minutes.  if you are new to the blogging industry and wants to learn how to create your own blog in a few minutes then this article will help you to do that.

What Do You Need to Start a Blog?

the core ingredients for creating a blog is a domain name and a web hosting. these two things are all you need to start your blog.

  1. Domain Name

a domain name is like a virtual address through which you can access a blog. for example- is its domain name. we search facebook keyword to go to facebook website.

  1. Web Hosting

A web hosting is the servers which keep a blog alive on the internet. It works like its heart and brain. There are various web hosting providers in the market but in this article, we are going to create the blog using Cloudways hosting and also will tell you how you can get a huge discount on Cloudways plan purchase.

Things to keep in mind to create a fast and attractive blog

The secret to creating a fast and attractive blog is its core element which is web hosting. a premium web hosting is all you need to create an awesome blog. the reason behind is that the speed and performance of a blog entirely depend on the quality of the servers in a web hosting and its features.

so if you choose a cheap web hosting, sure you will get it at a very cheap price but you will be compromising with the quality of your blog. because the cheap web hosting companies fool their clients by providing low-quality services which negatively affects the performance of the blog.

On the other hand, if you are choosing the premium web hosting, they provide premium services and also the server speed is great. This makes the blog load faster and also increases its performance.

So it is recommended to use a premium web hosting for starting a fast blog. however, the price is a bit higher than the ordinary web hosting companies because of the premium services. don’t worry because later in the article I am going to tell you how you can get Cloudways discount.

How to Starts a Blog?

The steps for creating a blog is very simple and only requires a few minutes. so, just follow these steps to create your own blog.

Step 1: Purchase a Domain Name

the first thing you need to do is get a domain name whatever you like. The domain names can be registered from various domain registrars. The most popular domain registrars in the market are Godaddy, NameCheap.

Step 2: Cloudways Web Hosting

The second step is to buy a web hosting plan. As mentioned above we will be using Cloudways web hosting because it is one of the best premium hostings and it is quite affordable with a lot of discount offers.

To get the plan just go to the official website and in there browse the plan which you think would be fine for your blogs need then select it and make payment.

Step 3: Connecting Both

The 3rd step is to connect them. To do this, go to the domain setting and there you can see change name servers. Click on it and now on other tab open the setting of Cloudways Cpanel. Find the nameserver and copy/paste it in the domain setting and after a few minutes, both will be connected.

To check if it is successfully connected or not just type your domain name in the address bar of the browser and if a page is loaded then it is connected but here you are not able to see anything because we have not yet installed the theme of the blog.

Step 4: Design the Blog

The next step is to design our blog. for doing this we need to install the WordPress system, you can see it in Cpanel. After installing the WordPress plugin go to the themes and choose the theme of your blog. there are various themes and also there are premium themes available which are optimized.

Now, we have created our blog successfully. It was quite a simple right. Now, if you think Cloudways is a bit expensive for you may be because you are new and don’t have enough budget. We all do understand and so is Cloudways.

You can easily get premium Cloudways hosting with the help of discount coupon codes. These Cloudways discount codes can be used at the purchasing time to get a discount on the plan.

How to Earn Cloudways Discount

Cloudways Coupon Promo Code

The Cloudways Discount Promo Code which you can get from bloggersideas blog and then you can use it at the time of purchase to get an amazing discount on Cloudways.

It is the best chance to get the premium web hosting Clloudways which is a cloud web hosting and you get amazing premium features in Cloudways plan such as

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • SSD based hosting
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 25GB disk space
  • Auto backup
  • Malware protection
  • Double security

If you are very serious about starting your blog then I will recommend you to create it with Cloudways hosting only because it is very reliable and affordable premium web hosting provider with a lot of great features and free add-ons. Also, you get all the support from the company whenever you will stick somewhere.

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