High Quality Backlinks for SEO

Top 10 High Quality Backlinks for SEO

Do you want to get strong High Quality Backlinks for SEO related to the content of your website?

Today we present to you the top 10 backlink sites that allow you to get high quality backlinks for free, that will help you improve the quality of your link profile and build backlinks for the keywords you target within your site pages.

First site: Reddit.com
Page Authority: 95
Domain Authority: 99
The number of Lrds is about: 649 thousand domains
Backlink: Do Follow

Reddit allows you to add content from any page on the Internet and it is voted negative or positive by the site’s subscribers worldwide. Some links and featured posts are preferred on the homepage of Reddit, the owner of Page Authority 95, and a Do-Follow backlink is given to your site. In addition to backlinks, Reddit is one of the most innovative social networks for content, which means that it has become a network that has an influential role in the Social Signals. Having more links from Reddit will improve your ranking and traffic at the same time.

Second site: getpocket.com

Page Authority: 78
Domain Authority: 91
Backlink: Do Follow

getPocket is a free service that makes it easy to discover great content that’s personalized to your interests, and save this content so you can return to it later  .

Third site: medium.com
Page Authority: 84
Domain Authority: 95
Backlink: Do Follow

Medium is a well known social media platform easily connected to from LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter. You can write new content or syndicate existing content. By adding backlinks to your published content there, you bring more people to your website. Valuable, entertaining, helpful content encourages readers to click on your links to learn more about you.

Fourth site: BlogMarks.net
Page Authority: 86
Domain Authority: 83
The number of Lrds is about: 22 thousand domains
Backlink: Do Follow

BlogMarks is one of the top 5 Blogging Archives in the world. It was established in 2003 to be a reference for all blogging on the Internet. The site is not for profit and allows free registration. You can now register a new account within the site and publish high-quality content to get a backlink related to the content of your site. BlogMarks is another site that prefers some links and sites on its home page to get thousands of visits and backlinks from one of the leading sites in the world

Fifth  Site : Favable
Bed Authority: 50
Domain Authority: 40
The number of Lrds is about: 200 domains
Backlink: Do Follow

Favable website to prefer links on the Internet in the form of BookMarks, but they are automatically shortened with Bit.ly links, which facilitates the process of publishing them on various social media platforms.  The site is free and registration does not take more than 3 minutes and you can prefer All your site links by bringing them into the RSS feature and getting many useful backlinks for your site, especially your new topics in search engines

Sixth site: Instapaper
Page Authority: 79
Domain Authority: 87
The number of Lrds is about: 15 thousand domains
Backlink: Do Follow

A new way to get Signals completely different, the site that cares about Mobile Search is ahead of its competitors who neglect this point in the search engines, Instapaper gives you the ability to save your favorite links on the Internet with special encoding for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, after adding links within a control panel Your account will get a short link to your website Do Follow + Signals The Mobile Search, which enhances the chances of this link being the first results in the search engines

Seventh site: Scoop.it
Page Authority: 91
Domain Authority: 90
The number of Lrds is about: 71 thousand domains
Backlink: Do Follow

Scoop.it is the text version of Pinterest. It allows you to create Boards in which you share your site links to get backlinks. Scoop.it links the different Boards through tags and members’ profiles, which helps in getting Your authority is greater for your board and therefore the links to your site that you share on it

Eights  site: Quora.com
Page Authority: 79
Domain Authority: 93
Backlink: Do Follow

Quora website is one of the popular location for Googlers looking to have questions answered. Often overlooked as a backlink opportunity, anyone can register and become an authority in a subject they know a lot about or that they research well to help find a solution.

Ninth site: Bizsugar.com
Page Authority: 51
Domain Authority: 53
Backlink: Do Follow

BizSugar platform is the best backlink site for small niche businesses looking for exposure since it caters to this population. The platform invites you to share content and have it syndicated.

Tenth Site: Use [Write For Us] Sites
No list would be complete without mentioning writing for sites that give you guest blogging. It is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and create high quality backlinks to your website. The idea is publishing articles on popular websites that already have large visitors and followers . The advantage of doing this goes beyond just backlinks. It enhances your online reputation, a long-lasting benefit.

These sites have been carefully selected based on many factors, the most important of which is the quality of the backlink that you will get from them and that it is identical in one way or another with the content of your site and I made sure that these sites do not have any spam or Link farms. Backlink and Social Signal together

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