WPX Hosting Review: The Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting

As you already know that bloggers are being targeted because of their vast income and traffic. It is necessary to get the best web hosting for the blog. The reason is that blogging isn’t the process of 1 or 2 days. It’s a long term digital marketing strategy which takes time to show results we need to give quality on content as well as on web hosting. There are many web hosting services available in the market but I’ll recommend only WPX web hosting & it is best as per my expertise.

Why WPX Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress?
WPX Hosting Review

Here are some amazing features of WPX web hosting service which is beneficial for every blog or site;

High-speed: WPX hosting is very speed, and It helps to load site rapidly. Its speed is compared with almost every web hosting service, but WPX remains ahead.

Unlimited Site Migrations: If you have desired to migrate your website or blog from one web hosting account to other then you can officially migrate your website with ease. You aren’t limited or restricted to migrate your website, and you’ll migrate unlimited sites.

Unlimited SSL: As you know SSL certificates make site’s connection secure. Now the website isn’t static, and there is the risk of privacy and security issues so that is the reason it is essential to access to the SSL so that people or crawler can easily trust on your website. If you have added payment integrations, then you need to add SSL so that people can trust you.

24/7 Fast-response Support: As you know bloggers aren’t technical and they aren’t able to manage server properly so if you are one of them then you need full-time support, so WPX Hosting assists its users with its amazing support. If you have any question or problem, you can ask a question, and it will be sorted out.

Email: You’ll be accessed to email features, you can create unlimited email addresses, and you can make forwarder to your email address so that you can access future emails on your Gmail accounts. You aren’t limited or restricted to get emails.

Manual Backups: You can make manual backups of your data for future use. In case if you lose your data, then you can recover your data from the manual backups, and you can save your backup file on your local storage.

DDoS Protection & Malware Scanning & Removal: It helps to scan your website on the, and it doesn’t allow any corrupt file to be injected in your storage. It removes the bad file from your storage. No matter whether if you are administrator or user If you add any cracked or pirated file and if it comprises of any harmful code then the file isn’t able to be installed. If someone tries to login attempts on your website, the IP will be blacklisted automatically so that he couldn’t attack your website again.

30 Day Money-Back: In case if your hosting doesn’t work correctly or it doesn’t fulfill your needs then you can get your money back within 30 days. Due to their concern regarding quality assurance they offer the money back guarantee.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee: No matter whether if you are getting millions of eyeballs or low your website will not be down and your server gives you 99.95% uptime (It is beneficial for event blogging).

1-Click WordPress Installations: It provides the one-click WordPress installer script through which you can install WordPress on your multiple domains and subdomains. You can save the backup of specific WP script, and you can restore them quickly with the help of this installer

Pricing Plans of WPX Web Hosting:

Here are some pricing plans of WPX Web Hosting

Business plan: The price will be $20.83 per month but When the entire amount paid yearly the price will be $24.99 Monthly. You will get five websites ad-dons limit. You can add five domains on your business plan WPX Hosting. You will get 10GB Storage for your all websites. The 100GB Bandwidth is enough for you to manage traffic. WPX Cloud CDN is included in this plan.

Professional plan: The WPX cloud CDN is included in this plan, and the plan comprises of many features like; you will be able to add 15 websites on this hosting. 20 GB storage will be allotted to you for all websites and 200 GB bandwidth is enough for all websites, and your web hosting will be able to bear huge traffic at one time. The plan will cost you $41.58 per month but When the price paid yearly the price will be $49.99 Monthly

Elite plan: This plan is one of the best plans of WPX hosting, and it comprises of many unusual features, It is one of the most demanded plans of WPX Hosting service. If you buy this plan, the price will be very reasonable according to the features. It will cost you $83.25 month if you pay amount once, but If you want to pay in the split, then the cost will be higher when It paid yearly. It will be $99.00 monthly. It comprises of some features including 35 websites or add-ons, 40GB storage or disk space and unlimited bandwidth moreover WPX cloud CDN.

Note: The price is officially mentioned by WPX Hosting Service, but if you want more discount on WPX Hosting then you can use the bloggingscout coupon code.


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